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Safety Always First!

Safety is considered as everyone’s responsibility in Jereh. Safety always first! Every team member in Jereh shall be responsible for the safety of himself as well as the others. Zero RI (recorded incident) is our target.
To achieve this target, a complete set of QHSE management measures are established. Pre-operation safety meeting is held before each operation to identify the existing risks and take preventive measures; monthly safety meeting is held to review the safety situation of last month, discuss safety-related topics and share safety knowledge.
Every Jereh’s employee will be given a Stop Card signed by the General Manager and authorized to say NO to any unsafe acts.
Safety performance targets are set for every department and employee with award and penalty measures. Our primary target is to ensure personal health and protect life without any injury. Safety always first!
Office Safety

Attentions shall be paid to safety everywhere, even atoffices. Potential safety risks may exist at the office, such as being hurt by aknife due to incorrect use, waist pain and backache due to badly sittingposition, and fell over due to randomly putting items, etc. Thus completeoffice safety training is organized in Jereh to tell employees how to correctlyuse office accommodations. Meanwhile, 8 “S”s (Sort out, Set in order, Shine,Standardize, Sustain, Safety, Save and Security) inspection is taken every weekto ensure good working environment. 

Driving Safety

Complete driving knowledge training system is establishedto keep the employees aware of travelling and commuter safety. The company alsoinvites the local traffic police to explain traffic laws and regulations to theemployees and let them know more driving skills and knowledge. Jereh alsoissued driving regulations to limit the driving speed on various roads andpunish the employee who exceeded the speed limit. All the vehicles of Jereh areequipped with GPS to monitor their running conditions in real time.

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