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Jereh 240bbl Sand Blender Boosting EOR for Factory Operation

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In early July, Jereh self developed 240bbl closed–loop sand blender (HSC40) has accomplished pulse sanding operations for CNPC Downhole Service Company of XDEC in Karamay, China with world’s largest discharge flowrate. During the operation for two wells, it has achieved remarkable efficiency with maximum discharge flowrate at 251.6bpm, which is twice that of the common 120bbl sand blender.


“Compared to conventional fracturing, this impulsive injection of proppant slugs with fiber dramatically increased the fracture conductivity rate by 1.5 to 2.5 orders of magnitude, accordingly boosting the oil & gas recovery rate. What’s more, automatic control for density, additives and liquid level facilitates easier operation and risk reduction caused by manual mal-operations. The quality operating rate and perfect design fulfillment of Jereh HSC40 sand blender”, Mr. Ou, person in charge from XDEC said, “are what we fracturing operators expect. For the factory operation characterized by large discharge flowrate and strong continuity, we believe that Jereh 240bbl closed-loop sand blender is a good start. ”


Jereh 240bbl Sand Blender Working for XDEC (CNPC) in Karamy, China


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