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Jereh Wins Another LNG Project of Coke Oven Gas

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Nov. 11, 2015/ Following the successful production of Junlian shale gas liquefaction project II, Jereh Group announced today that it won again a turnkey coke oven gas(COG)LNG project in Jiangsu Province with the annual LNG production of 12.32 cubic meters, which shows an extension of the gas treatment business into the application of coke oven gas.

JerehSigns A New LNG Project of Coke Oven Gas 

The project is located in a Coal Chemical Industry Park of Xuzhou, covering an area of 20 acres. And civil construction will start in December 2015, and one year later, it will formally go into operation. Jereh will provide general contracting services from design, procurement and modular manufacturing to construction and commissioning. The annual LNG production is expected to be 12.32 cubic meters when the project is completed, which not only provide the owners with new profit growth opportunity, but also eliminate the pollution caused by coke oven gas.


"The COG liquefaction technology is not very complex, but due to high gas source impurities, large fluctuation range of each component, it puts higher requirement for liquefaction process package maturity and equipment stability", said Mr. He Yi, the project leader. “Jereh independently develops a full set of COG technology package and enjoys edges in purification and treatment, which can provide the owners with smaller footprint, shorter delivery cycles and lower capital investment. Together with our leading modular manufacturing capabilities, global procurement system and international project management, the owners can get turnkey solution within the limits of capital, land and time."
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