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Jereh Signs Strategic MOU with KazNIGRI

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December 3rd, 2015/ Jereh Group signed the strategic MOU with Kazakh Petroleum Institute of Scientific Research and Geological Survey (KazNIGRI), marking deeper cooperation of upstream services in Kazakhstan.

The Signing Ceremony between KazNIGRI (Left) and Jereh.

KazNIGRI is a frontline player in oil & gas exploration sector. It has been operating in the market of hydrocarbon geological survey and project development services for nearly 70 years. And in 2012, KazNIGRI was awarded the prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination of “The best service provider.

According to EIA, Kazakhstan has the second-largest oil reserves as well as the second-largest oil production among the former Soviet republics after Russia. And it is also one of the most important oil & gas partners of Chinese government. For Jereh, it has been serving in this market for more than 5 years with a full set of well drilling and completion equipment, compressor packages and oilfield services. This MOU will further much closer cooperation on the whole industrial chain from upstream to downstream.
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