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Jereh Environment Delivered Sets of Equipment for Oilfield Waste Treatment

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April, 8/ A set of thermal phase separation equipment developed by Jereh was shipped to an oily waste treatment base in western China. It is expected to address the existing and new contaminated soil treatment during oil exploration and to improve the value of resources by recycling the separated high-quality gasoline. And the project will be a demo presentation of oily waste treatment with thermal separation technology in China.


The equipment is delivered for oilfield oily waste treatment


Oil and gas wells cannot be drilled without creating waste which can be a serious threat to human health once they enter into soil, groundwater and air, etc. Traditional way of treatment are chemical separation or incineration. The former is difficult to achieve decontamination and disposal, and also causes water pollution, while the latter will generate haze and dust. Both will cause secondary pollution to the environment, and are unable to achieve oil recovery from waste, resulting in a waste of resources.


Regarding the difficulties concerned, Jereh puts forward the "value-driven" green concept: to achieve integrated non-hazardous waste management, as well as ‘turning waste into treasure’ to optimize their use of resources. Different from traditional chemical separation and incineration methods, Jereh environmental service adopts leading indirect heating and separation technology. The oil phase recovery rate is up to 90%. For the demonstration project mentioned, the annual treatment capacity is 80,000 tons, of which million tons of oil can be recovered, creating more than 16 million Yuan. And the TPH of solid residue is less than 0.3%, which can be used for paving or brick-making. Water and gas generated within the system can be recycled or discharged.


"As the first oilfield environment project in the western region with thermal phase separation technology, Jereh not only provides a complete set of equipment, but also offers engineering consulting, thermal separation technology and environmental services. We are working together with customers to finish this project as hazardous waste treatment benchmark, boosting the sustainable development of social, economic and environmental protection", said Mr. Fang, the director of environmental technology research institute of Jereh Group.

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