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  • Snubbing Unit
• Compact structure, small size and light weight, convenient for transportation and lifting;
• Key parts of world famous brands, safe and reliable;
• Equipped with rotary table, wide operation range;
• Slip interlocking design to reduce the risks of misoperations;
• BOPs with special design are more applicable for the requirements of dynamic well control such as frequent open and close;
• No need of workover rig, reducing the consumption of equipments and personnel;
• Convenient installation and disassembly, shortening the work cycle;
• Remote monitoring of the operation in real-time and data collecting for analysis to improve operation process;
• Equipped with functions such as monitoring of pipe couplings during lifting and snubbing process, and monitoring of and warning upon abnormalities;
• Except for snubbing unit, Jereh can provide one-stop solutions including safety BOP, wellhead manifold and pumping units.
• Factory and site operation trainings are available.
Product Model170 K
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)8000 mm×2600 mm×3000 mm
Unit Weight18000 kg
Lifting/Snubbing Capacity (Max.)77 t/42 t
Lifting Cylinder Stroke3.5 m
Mast Height16 m
Hydraulic Rotary Table Torque4000 Nm @ 80 RPM
Max. Thru Bore179.4 mm
Dynamic Seal Pressure21 MPa
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