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  • 2300 Fracturing Unit
• 180mm super-wide anti-collision cross beams made of aluminum alloy are designed to ensure safety.
• Control Box
Shock pad on the bottom of the box ensures the stability during operation.
Automatic constant-temperature control ensures the normal operation in arctic and high-temperature areas.
• Considering oil safety, Jereh optimizes the fuel system to avoid engine damages caused by unclean oil, which extends the service life of the engine.
• Equipped with emergency shutdown system to shut down the engine under emergency so as to protect the unit.
• Double starting system with one in use and the other in standby to prevent accidents in starting.
• Communication data cable: user-friendly layout and proper height design bring more convenience and comfort.
• External air outlet getting air from chassis air bottle and provide it for external pneumatic components.
• Tilting tail lamp guard improves the efficiency of repairing tail lamps.
• Streamlined water supply manifold reduces resistance and power loss.
• Purging device: apply pneumatic purging system to purge the residual liquid in low pressure manifolds.
• Concealed pull-out self-limiting ladder: plunger pump maintenance platform is one of the most frequently used components, of which operating convenience and utility directly influences maintenance technician’s working efficiency.
• The drive shaft is guarded completely to ensure safety.
• 1560L fuel tank guarantees working hours.
• High level indicators warn to indicate abnormal parameters of the engine, transmission and plunger pump to help the operator solve the problems quickly.
• Integral high-quality bent coolant pipes reduce the possibilities of leaking welding points.
• Jereh fracturing unit control: throttle soft control, step-by-step shifting to reduce impact, in-time overpressure protection, fracturing unit type self identification, remote centralized control, control of multiple units with one screen, flexible control with random grouping, one key to idle speed and neutral gear; real-time pressure curve display, first gear pressure testing function; one key to shift between multiple units; tracking of multiple warning information.
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)11,300×2,500×4,100 mm
Weight≤40,000 kg
Max. Theoretical Displacement of Plunger Pump2.46 m3/min
Max. Discharge Pressure103.4 MPa (15000 psi)
Max. Output Power of Plunger Pump1,680 kW
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