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HSC16 Fracturing Blender

  • HSC16 Fracturing Blender
Chassis System:
Imported original high-configuration chassis with excellent off-road performance is suitable for oilfield operations.

Subframe system:
Adopt finite element analysis software to calibrate the strength of the subframe so as to guarantee its bearing capacity

Power system:
• Reasonable layout ensures enough maintenance space for the engine and external components;
• Modularization and standardization ideas are adopted to improve universality and interchangeability of the components;
• The total volume of fuel tank is up to 1000L, which increases working time and reduces refueling times.
• Imported heating system is adopted to ensure the starting performance of the unit in cold weather by heating to the whole unit (engine, fuel and hydraulic oil) effectively.

Manifold system:
• Functions such as normal suction and discharge, interchanged suction and discharge, acidizing operation and liquid reverse purging can be realized by switching the butterfly valves in the manifold.
• Adopt three-dimension manifold design and fluid analysis software to reduce pressure loss.

Mixing system:
• Adopt fluid analysis software to optimize the flow field in the manifold to ensure the mixing uniformity.
• Adopt patented technology to effectively reduce bubbles generated during slickwater operation. Make a historical change to the fact that the conventional sand blender cannot carry out slickwater operation or do it with bad effect.
• Adopt lubrication-free agitator to guarantee mixing uniformity and decrease failure rate which reduces the maintenance cost.
• Anti-wear and anticorrosive coating technology is adopted to both inside and outside of the tank, which highly improves the service life.

Operation platform system:
• National initiative detachable platform allows partial disassembly, which reduces the maintenance workload.
• Super large operation platform guarantees a comfortable operation environment.

Dry powder conveyor system:
• Adopt high precision encoder to replace gear plate measurement.
• Adopt self-developed dry powder flushing device to guarantee the mixing uniformity of dry powder

Fiber adding system:
• National first self-developed fiber adding system which has updated to the second generation, meets the fiber adding requirements.
• Self-developed fiber flushing device improves the fiber dispersion capacity and avoids the problem of easy blockage in foreign fiber device.

Auger system:
• The independent lifting and splitting auger system meets the requirements of various arrangements of well site.
• The height of hopper is adjustable, which meets the requirements of different sand adding types such as sand tank truck, vertical sand silo and sand king.
• The auger is manufactured with brand new technology, which not only meets the requirements of sand delivery precision and sand flowrate but also improves auger’s working efficiency.
• Adopt low-speed large-torque motor to guarantee stability in operations of small sand flowrate.
• Double filter screens are equipped to ensure sand cleanness.
• Various types of self-developed sand conveying testing stand are used to test auger stability and calibrate sand flowrate. Guarantee sand concentration through theoretical calculation and practical measurement.

Control cabin system:
• All-around window design guarantees sufficient ventilation and lighting inside.
Industrial shock absorber is adopted to improve comfort and decrease failure rate of electrical components.
• Military cabin process is adopted to guarantee the strength and comfort of the control cabin.
• Special processes are adopted to ensure sound insulation and heat preservation effect.
• The control cabin is equipped with adjustable chair and air-conditioner and features humanized layout and comfortable inner environment.

Hydraulic system:
• Imported hydraulic components guarantee stable and reliable performance and long service life.
• Suction, discharge and auger systems all adopt close-loop hydraulic systems, which bring higher power density per unit and efficiency.
• Liquid additive system, dry additive system and mixing system all adopt load sensitive systems which are more energy saving and environmental. With proportional control, the rotary speed of the each component can be regulated steplessly.
• Oil cooler system adopts oil temperature automatic control and there’s no need of controlling cooling manually.
• The acid and alkali resistant and anti-aging pipelines extend the service life.

Operation and control system:
• Totally self-developed and patented control system is able to meet personalized demands of customers.
High-level automation realizes the automatic control of liquid level, adding chemical additive, sand concentration and discharge.
• Multiple redundancy guarantees various control styles including manual, automatic and screen control.
• Program is designed to set up to 100 operation stages, which meets the requirements of step and ramp sand adding.
• Intelligent maintenance system including engine maintenance and trouble diagnosis can be provided according to customers’ need
• The clear and simple HMI design with the idea of “what you see is what you get design” realizes humanized operation as the switch status, manual/automatic status are displayed on the screen

Advantages of liquid additive system:
• The air-blowing liquid discharging method, which is originated both at home and abroad, can prevent the pump case from frost crack caused by residual liquid in winter and pipeline blocking.
• Adopt encoder to replace traditional measuring way of proximity switch to improve measuring accuracy and reliability.
• Ball valves at liquid additive adding position are operated from the operation platform, which brings convenience to operators and improves their handling capacity in emergency.
• High-quality imported liquid additive pump reduces user’s maintenance cost and improves conveying accuracy.
Main ConfigurationDescription
Max. Discharge Pressure0.69 MPa
Max. Water Displacement16 m3/min
Sand Conveying Capacity10000 kg/min
Chemical Additive SystemLiquid Additive 12.7-34 L/min
Liquid Additive 25.5-64.3 L/min
Liquid Additive 314.4-170 L/min
Liquid Additive 428.95-340 L/min
Fluid Supply 114.4-170 L/min
Fluid Supply 214.4-170 L/min
Dry Additive SystemDry Additive 10.1-1 L/min
Dry Additive 21-10 L/min
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