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HSC20 Fracturing Blender Benz

  • HSC20 frac blender Benz
• The original Mercedes Benz chassis imported from Germany ensures the excellent mobility of the unit in various working conditions; proper power matching, reasonable load distribution, compact structure, humanized design and manufacturing bring the high performance. The maximum displacement of the unit is up to 20 m3/min (130 bpm).
• Power system: compared with competitors' two-engine layout, this unit has only one horizontal engine, which provides large space for the maintenance of engine. The filter element and oil dipstick can be observed and maintained conveniently. 
• Manifold system:(1)By switching butterfly valves, either side can be used as suction or discharge and temporary acidizing bypass can be achieved, which meet different operation requirements and makes the arrangement at well site more flexible;(2)Optimize the manifold through 3D design and fluid analysis to have compact structure and reasonable layout so as to guarantee smooth flow and enough pressure of the discharged fluids.(3)High-performance flowmeter is used to meter the suction and discharge flowrate at different displacement operations accurately. The flowmeter can be chosen from electromagnetic flowmeter and turbine flowmeter as needed.
• Mixing system: (1)The tub adopts advanced vertical tub-within-a-tub design: the turbine blades and tank wall fin are optimized after fluid analysis to ensure slurry of high sand ratio can be completely and continually mixed; the design uses high surface area to ensure even mixing at small sand ratio. (2)Adopt guide wave radar level meter to eliminate the influence from bubbles and swirling flow to liquid level and achieve high-precision liquid level control;(3) Proved through site operations, the unit can meet the requirements of large displacement operations with not only conventional base fluid but also slickwater.
• Chemical additive system: (1) Equipped with four liquid additive systems of different displacements. The chemical additive pumps are imported rotor pumps which feature stable and reliable performance and high conveying precision to convey chemical additives of different viscosity;(2)Two stainless steel liquid additive tanks (300L each) are installed behind operation platform, which are connected at the bottom by pipelines, so the liquid additive pumps can suck in liquids from either of them;(3)Liquid additives can be added into sand blending tub or the manifold between sand blending tub and discharge centrifugal pump by switching ball valves; The control of function ball valves are integrated on the operation platform, which is easy, convenient and reliable; EMD encoder is adopted to realize accurate measurement of the flowrate of liquid additive pumps;(4) Residual liquid purging device is equipped to purge the residual liquid in the manifolds after operation.(5)Two high-precision dry powder feeders meet the adding requirements of different displacements.
• Sand conveying device:(1)the high-precision augers designed with independent lifting and splitting function meet requirements of different site arrangements and operation.(2)The auger adopts new technology to improve conveying precision and meet the operation requirements of starting with load but without getting stuck.
• Hydraulic system:(1)All of the hydraulic components are imported parts with stable and reliable performance as well as long service life.(2) The suction, discharge, sand conveying system are all closed-loop hydraulic systems, which have higher efficiency.(3) The liquid additive system, dry additive system and blending system adopt load sensitive system which achieves stepless speed regulation of each parts by proportional control and is good for energy saving and environment protection;(4)Oil temperature is automatically controlled by oil cooler and there is no need of manual control.
• Electric control system: (1) Totally self-developed and patented control system is able to meet personalized demands of customers.(2) High-level automation realizes the automatic control of liquid level, adding chemical additive, sand concentration and discharge. (3) Multiple redundancy guarantees various control styles including manual, automatic and screen control.(4) The clear and simple HMI design with the idea of “what you see is what you get design” realizes humanized operation as the switch status, manual/automatic status are displayed on the screen. (5) Program is designed to set up to 100 operation stages, which meets the requirements of step and ramp sand adding. (6)Excellent compatibility realizes online data transfer with data vans of other brands. (7) Intelligent maintenance system can be provided according to customer requirements and it can achieve engine maintenance reminding and automatic trouble diagnosis; (8)Adopt imported flowmeter, level meter and HMI with high performance and reliability.
• Others:(1) Equipped with spare tire hoisting mechanism to lift the spare tire through one button;(2)Equipped with two large tool boxes installed on the driver side and passenger side respectively for storing tools and other materials conveniently;(3)Comfortable control cabin with air-conditioner; (4) Fuel tank of 1000L provides sufficient fuel for both deck and chassis engines.
ChassisBenz 4144 8×6
Deck EngineMTU S60 665 hp@2300 rpm
Max. Discharge Flowrate (Water)(Water):20 m3/min (130 bpm)
Max. Discharge Pressure0.48 MPa (70 psi)
Rated Sand Rate360 m3/h (12713 ft3/h)
Liquid Additive System4 liquid additive pumps + 2 fluid supply pumps
Dry Additive System2
Unit Weight34,000 g (74957 lbs)
Overall Dimensions12500×2500×4100 mm (41×8.2×13.5 ft)
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