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LGC360 Coiled Tubing Unit

  • LGC360 Coiled Tubing Unit
Technical highlights and design idea
• Combining with domestic process characteristics of coiled tubing units, Jereh develops double truck mounted coiled tubing unit which meets domestic vehicle dimension requirements.
• With the design idea of humanization, safety and stable performance, this unit is designed to have reasonable layout, safe transportation and good off-road performance, which is ideal for mountainous areas such as Northern Shaanxi, Sichuan and Chongqing areas. This unit adopts humanized designs such as integrated quick connection panel, hydraulic integrated quick connection, rear protection with adjustable pedal and one-key control cabin limit to ensure convenient operation and maintenance. Some key components such as injector and coiled tubing reel have been proved to have good performance after long time of use in oilfields.

• Compared with the products of both domestic and foreign competitors, our products  has optimized the following aspects to improve overall performance:
• Optimize the layout of the whole unit to ensure reasonable load distribution. Move the power pack forward to reduce the load of front axle and enlarge the maintenance space for the pump drive, drive shaft and hydraulic pumps.
• Moving the power pack forward can release more space under the control console, which make it more convenient to maintain the hydraulic and electric components inside the control console on one hand. On the other hand, it is more convenient to observe the tubing reel condition from the control cabin.
• The control cabin is optimized to be integral lifting, which improves seal and heat prevention performance, convenience in maintaining control console and the user experience.
• The tubing reel adopts quick-change sprocket set structure which makes the chains can be changed in 10 seconds.
• Optimize the upper and lower ladders of the control cabin to ensure convenience and safety (reversing platform and ladder with hook).
• Rear protection integrates reversing pedal structure. Thus, the hose reel can release and retract hose conveniently and operators can climb to the subframe for operations easily here.
• The drive shaft is protected with guard which has openings for convenient maintenance.
Main Components:
Chassis of the Main TruckBenz 4144 8×61
Chassis of the Auxiliary TruckBenz 4144 8×61
Control CabinClosed Type1
InjectorZRT-80K (with 100” gooseneck)1
Coiled Tubing ReelLGGT 120-72-781
Coiled Tubing Reel Capacity1.75-4300m or 1.5-6300 m1
Injector Control Hose Reel45 m (147 ft)1
Well Control Hose Reel45 m (147 ft)1
Injector Power Hose Reel45 m (147 ft)1
CraneNational Crane 1
Hydraulic System 1
Pneumatic System 1
Electric System24 V1
Lubrication System 1
High Pressure ManifoldMaximum Working Pressure: 103 MPa (15,000 psi)1
Control System 1
Stripper4.06”, 70 MPa (10,000 psi)1
BOP4.06”, 70 MPa (10,000 psi)1
Data Acquisition System 1
Stimulation Analysis Software 1
Camera Monitoring SystemMonitor the connection between the injector lower end and stripper and the working condition of chains. 1

Main Technical Parameters:
Injector Continuous Lifting Capacity36,000 kg (80,000 lb) 
Injector Continuous Snubbing Capacity18,000 kg (40,000 lb) 
Max. Speed58 m/min (190 ft/min)
Min. Speed0.06 m/min (2.3 in/min)
Total Weight of the Main Truck (Without Tubing) About 29.5 t
Total Weight of the Auxiliary TruckAbout 35 t
Main Truck Dimension (L×W×H)≦12,000×2,600×4,500 mm (the width of the high pressure manifold area is about 2700 mm)
Auxiliary Truck Dimension (L×W×H)≦12,500×2,600×4,250 mm

The main truck and auxiliary truck adopt Benz 4144 8×6 chassis with strong power. After optimization, the overall unit achieves good trafficability, gradeability and off-road performance.

Chassis of the main truck
ModelBenz 4144  8×6
EngineBenz OM501 LA  320 kW@1800 rpm
TransmissionBenz G240-16
1st Axle Load7,500 kg
2nd Axle Load7,500 kg
3rd Axle Load13,000 kg
4th Axle Load13,000 kg
TireFront and rear axle 12.00 R 20
Spare Tire12.00R20, 1

Chassis of the auxiliary truck
ModelBenz 4144,8X6
Engine Benz OM501 LA  320 kW@1800 rpm
TransmissionBenz G240-16
1st axle load7,500 kg
2nd axle load7,500 kg
3rd axle load13,000 kg
4th axle load13,000 kg
TireFront and rear axle 12.00 R 20
Spare Tire12.00R20, 1

Coiled Tubing Reel
ModelLGGT 120-72-78
Reel Flange Outer Diameter120〞(3048 mm)
Core Diameter72〞(1829 mm)
Inside Flange to Flange Width78〞(1981 mm)
Capacity1.75-4300 m or 1.5-6300 m

Continuous Lifting Capacity36,000 kg (80,000 lb) 
Continuous Snubbing Capacity18,000 kg (40,000 lb) 
Max. Speed of Coiled Tubing58 m/min(190 ft/min)
Min. Stable Running Speed0.06 m/min(2.3 in/min)
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