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LGC450 Coiled Tubing Unit

  • LGC450 Coiled Tubing Unit
• Chassis with special drop frame transports the coiled tubing reel. The operation truck supplies power to and controls the coiled tubing reel truck. The unit makes full use of the load capacity of the two trucks to increase the tubing reel capacity. It has the largest tubing reel capacity and the maximum chassis carrying capacity among the truck mounted coiled tubing units in the whole world until now.
• The chassis with large approach and departure angle has  good trafficability, gradeability and off-road performance, which is suitable for mountainous areas.
• Jereh injectors have been proved to be reliable and stable by long-time of operations in the well site. Injector weight indicator alarm system monitors the injector load in real-time and alarms upon abnormal fluctuations.
• All parts of Jereh units are of world famous brands to ensure good performance and they are applicable for ambient temperature from ‐30℃ to 45℃. Sufficient inventory guarantees reliable supply of accessories in the shortest time.
• BOP can be controlled through three ways which are electric control inside the control cabin, manual liquid control outside the control cabin and remote control under emergency.
• Automatic tubing winding system can be achieved by automatic code. Just set corresponding tubing diameter on computer and the tubing winding can be achieved automatically without replacing the levelwind sprocket sets.
• The hydraulic hoses between the coiled tubing reel truck and the operation truck can be quickly connected through integrated quick connection.
• Besides a better view, the control cabin is equipped with HD day and night tubing winding monitoring system and injector monitoring system. The operation and control instruments and valves are divided into different sections, which makes the operations more convenient and simple.
• The overall unit integrates electric control and display to ensure high automation and stability.
Main Configuration
Chassis of the Coiled Tubing Reel TruckBenz 4151 8×81
Chassis of the Operation TruckBenz 4151 8×61
Control CabinClosed Type1
InjectorZRT-100K (with 100” gooseneck)1
Coiled Tubing ReelLGGT 148-80-781
Coiled Tubing Reel Capacity2"-6000 m 
Injector Control Hose Reel40 m1
Injector Power Hose Reel 40 m1
BOP Control Hose Reel40 m1
Hydraulic System 1
Pneumatic System 1
Electric System24 V1
Lubrication System 1
High Pressure Manifold103 MPa (15,000 psi)1
Stripper4.06",103 MPa (15,000 psi) J&N1
BOP4.06",103 MPa (15,000 psi) J&N1
Lubricator4.06",103 MPa (15,000 psi) J&N2×4 ft
2×8 ft
Data Acquisition System 1
Simulation Analysis Software 1

Main Parameters
Injector Continuous Pulling Capacity45,000 kg (100,000 lbs)
Injector Intermittent Pulling Capacity50,000 kg (110,000 lbs)
Injector Continuous Snubbing Capacity22,500 kg (40,000 lbs)
Max. Speed 51.8 m/min (170 ft/min)
Total Weight of Coiled Tubing Reel Truck (without coiled tubing)≤28,000 kg(61,730 lbs)
Total Weight of Operation Truck≤40,000 kg (88,185 lbs)
Coiled Tubing Reel Truck Dimensions (L×W×H)≤13,000×2,800×4,500 mm
Operation Truck Dimensions (L×W×H)≤12,500×2,650×4,500 mm
Relative Humidity≤90%
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