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GJT 70-34II Cabin Trailer Mounted Cementing Unit

  • GJT 70-34II Cabin Trailer Mounted Cementing Unit
• New IAMS 3.0 double variable automatic slurry mixing system. It is developed by Jereh independently and achieves the automatic control of density, level and displacement more intelligently.
• Double-screen operation system. It displays the information of slurry mixing system and pumping system through the manifold diagram on one screen and displays the parameters of power system on the other screen. The interfaces on two screens can be switched freely and the two screens work as a standby for each other.
• Complete electric control of high energy mixer. The water throttling valve and cement throttling valve involved in mixing directly are driven by electric motor. Compared to the conventional hydraulic control, the electric control is more precise and avoids the slow feedback caused by the thick hydraulic oil in low temperature.  
• Independent hydraulic system control technology. The mixing water pump and recirculating pump which is involved in the mixing process directly are powered by the independent CAT C7 power pack, which avoids the influences on the hydraulic system caused by shifting gears of the deck transmission and ensures the stability of the slurry mixing system.
• COMBO design concept of cementing unit + heavy-duty cabin. The cementing unit is designed inside the integral heavy-duty cabin, which is suitable for the low temperature areas such as North America and Russia. The control cabin, where all of the regular operations can be performed, is also in the cabin, which makes the operation safe and more comfortable.
• Heat circulation design concept. In winter the cabin is heated by the engine radiator to keep the unit warm with the door closed and then the performance of the unit in low temperature environment is guaranteed. Data from the factory test indicates that the inner temperature can reach 25℃ with the heater off after 30 min operation when the ambient temperature is -2℃.
• T Integral noise prevention concept. The engine is designed with silencing louver to reduce noise from the origin, the cabin uses noise isolation materials and the control cabin designed inside the cabin further lowers the noise.
ModelGJT 70-34II
Overall Dimension13000×2600×4100 mm
Unit Weight:34500 kg
Max. Working Pressure71.7 MPa
Max. Displacement3.4 m3/min
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