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• The unit meets DOT requirements, integrates nitrogen pumping system and acidizing system, and enjoys compact design with one 2000gal liquid nitrogen tank and two 15bbl displacement tanks.
• The trailer uses air suspension to ensure the trailer runs smoothly.
• The liquid nitrogen tank meeting ASME requirements adopts high vacuum multi-layer winding style which ensures effective heat preservation and works as a good buffer during operation.
• The control cabin is equipped with air conditioner and oxygen concentration detector, providing a safe and comfortable working environment for operators.
• The instrument panel with concise layout is divided into different sections according to the systems and functions for convenient operation. The double screens make it possible for the operators to monitor the operation data of both systems in the control cabin.
• High pressure manifolds of both nitrogen pumping system and acidizing system are equipped with mechanical and electronic overpressure protection devices to ensure safety.
• Use AUTOCLAVE pipe fittings and valves in liquid nitrogen high pressure system, safe and reliable.
• The vaporizer adopts water bath heating, efficient and safe.
• The unit is equipped with heating system to preheat engine jacket water, hydraulic oil, fuel and lube oil before startup, which ensures the normal operations in cold areas.
• Use ACD plunger pump in nitrogen pumping system and JEREH plunger pump in acidizing system.

Main Parameters of Nitrogen Pumping System
Max. Working Pressure10,000 Psi (69 MPa)
Max. Nitrogen Displacement180,000 SCFH (5097 m3/h)

Main Parameters of Acidizing System
Max. Working Pressure14,147 Psi (97.5 MPa)
Max. Displacement248 GPM (0.938 m3/min)
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