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Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment serves as important equipment in oil & gas production, composed of three parts including casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree. It is designed to connect casing and tubing, seal off the annulus between casing layers and between casing and tubing, adjust the pressure and outflow of production oil & gas wells, also applicable in special operations such as acidizing, fracturing, water flooding and testing.

Frac trees is a kind of high pressure wellhead equipment which is designed and manufactured as per API 6A 20th edition and NACE MR0175. It consists of tubing head, frac valve, coiled tubing hanger, cross, frac head, choke valve and gate valve etc. It is widely used for coiled tubing completion , fraction, gas production.

We can provide customized frac tree depending on customers’ requirements.

The design, manufacture and inspection of dual bore christmas tree conform to API 6A 20th Edition and NACE MR 0175.
Customized design (such as integral Christmas tree, integral casing head).
4 to 6 side outlets in the inlet of the frac head facilitate layout and connection of the pipeline.
All side outlets are opposite to each other that reduces the large efflux impact on the equipment and extends service life.
Bore Size

3- 1/16"~ 7- 1/16"

Working Pressure

5,000 psi~15,000 psi

Temperature Class


Material Class






Working Medium

Oil, Natural Gas , Drilling Fluid, Gas (H2S, CO2)

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