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Intelligent super coiled tubing unit

  • Intelligent super coiled tubing unit
Intelligent super coiled tubing unit, with reel capacity of 2.875”-4500 m and injector maximum continuous pulling capacity of 140 Klbs, has great adaptability to different well conditions. The unit achieves complete electrical and intelligent control. The data acquisition of the whole operation process, and the intelligent simulation, analysis and trouble diagnostics make the unmanned intelligent operations possible.
• Complete intelligent operations are simple and reliable. The operators can start operation after simple trainings.
• The 140K injector with continuous lifting capacity of 63,000 kg (140,000 lbs) and continuous snubbing capacity of 31,500 kg (70,000 lbs) ensures the ability of the unit to meet different operation requirements and to handle different abnormalities occurred at the well site.
• The dry control cabin is safer and more comfortable. The cambered glass in the front of the control cabin provides a wider view for the operators.
• Electrically controlled and intelligent tubing winding makes it easier when changing the tubing. The operator only needs to change the setting of the program simply and the trouble of changing the reel conversion parts is omitted.
• The unit meets the requirements of road laws. It also features great reliability, durability and appearance.
Reel Capacity2.875"-4,500 m (2.375"-6,500 m)
Injector ModelZRT-140 K
Injector Continuous Pulling Capability63,000 kg (140,000 lbs)
Injector Continuous Snubbing Capability31,500 kg (70,000 lbs)
Well-control Equipment Specification4.06" /5.12", 10 kpsi/15 Kpsi
Max. Working Pressure69 MPa (10,000 psi)/105 Mpa (15000 psi)
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