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  • Model 150K-340K Snubbing Unit
• The snubbing unit features integrated and compact design which reduces overall height;
• The lifting/snubbing system is optimized to fit with two or four hydraulic cylinders. It features short single stroke time, which increases the working efficiency greatly;
• This unit adopts stand-alone design with extendable gin pole;
• The hydraulic rotary table is capable of rotating tubing and drilling bridge plug or drilling a well;
• Hydraulic tong arm and quick disconnects make it convenient to operate the hydraulic tongs during operation;
• Integrated compact control console is designed for easy operation with minimum two experienced workers;
• Hydraulic power pack can adopt skid or containerized design for easy access to operation;
• The optimized cylinders are easy to maintain and enjoy longer service life.
Deck EngineCAT C15 @ 402 kWCAT C15@ 402 kWCAT C15 @ 402 kWDDC S60 @ 495 kW
 DDC S60 @ 410 kWDDC S60 @ 410 kWDDC S60 @ 410 kW 
Lifting Capacity68,000 kg77,000 kg102,000 kg154,000 kg
Snubbing Capacity38,000 kg42,000 kg54,000 kg84,000 kg
Lifting Cylinder Stroke3.5 m3.5 m3.5 m3.5 m
Cylinder Qty.2244
BOP Rated Pressure34.5 MPa34.5 MPa34.5 MPa34.5 MPa
BOP Dia.179 mm179 mm279.4 mm279.4 mm
Applicable Pipe32~140 mm32~140 mm32~194 mm32~194 mm
Gin Pole (Extended)21.3 m21.3 m23 m23 m
Hydraulic Rotary Torque4,000 Nm @ 100 RPM4,000 Nm @ 100 RPM9,000 Nm @ 100 RPM9,500 Nm @ 100 RPM
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