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  • Model 180K Combo Unit
This COMBO unit (combination nitrogen and fluid pumping unit) consists of the trailer bearing device, nitrogen pumping device and acid pumping device, it features:
• Two independent systems can do nitrogen pumping or acid fracturing operations separately or simultaneously;
• Two 600BHbr engines supply enough power for the unit and their emission can meet requirements of US Nonroad (Tier 3);
• One liquid nitrogen tank with capacity of 2,000gal and two 15bbl acid mixing tank are equipped; The liquid nitrogen tank is ASME certificated;
• The unit weighs 30t (without loading liquid nitrogen) with reasonable load distribution and CDOT certificated;
• Control cabin is designed for monitoring the main data and parameters of 2 units only by one operator; 
• The overall dimension of the unit is 42.98×8.53×12.6ft (L*W*H), which saves occupation area and makes unit layout easier.
• Advanced operation and control system for LN2 and acid pumping unit with direct access of the operation data;
• Data acquisition device is equipped for operation data acquisition and processing in real time and for operation curves printing.
Model Model 180K Combo Unit
Chassis Three-axle trailer 
EngineDDC S60DDC S60
Transmission/Allison 4700
Plunger PumpACD 3-GUPD600S
Liquid Nitrogen Tank7.5 m³Displacement Tank: 2×2.38 m³
Control CabinOne
Plunger Dia.1.625"3"
Nitrogen Max. Pressure69 MPa97.5 MPa
Nitrogen Max. Displacement5,097 m³/h (180,000 SCFH)0.95 m³/min
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