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  • Yard Spooler
• The overall dimensions meet the requirements of Russia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America.
• The unit can adapt to the ambient temperature of -40~ +45℃.
• It is applicable for reels with outer diameter smaller than 180” and it adopts telescopic structure which is convenient for the installation of 5”~102” reels.
• The reel shaft is replaceable. The unit is equipped with reel shafts for wooden shipping spools and steel shipping spools which can be replaced according to actual condition.
• The manual override levelwind which is hydraulically driven is suitable for tubing with outer diameter of 1.25”~2.875”.
• It has remote control console which can be used to control the unit 20m away from the yard spooler. It has two handles, one controls the movement of yard spooler bracket to clamp the reel and the other one is for override spooling to achieve leftward/rightward movement of the tubing.
• The levelwind arm is removable for convenient transportation.
• Reasonable design and convenient maintenance
• All the key parts of the unit are international or national top-level brands with high reliability.
Overall Dimensions4500×4500×4000 mm
Unit Weight5000 Kg
Applicable Max. Outer Diameter of Shipping Reel 180″
Applicable Max. Outer Width of Shipping Reel102″
Applicable Min. Outer Width of Shipping Reel58″
Max. Allowable Reel Weight40 t
Remote Control Console Dimensions1100×800×1100 mm
Max. Transportation Dimensions (Levelwind Arm Disassembled)4500×2600×3300 mm (without guard net)
4560×2670×3300 mm (with guard net)
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