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In the tropical desert climate of Kuwait, the maximum temperature can reach at 52 ℃ in summer. While at the same time, rich in oil and natural gas reserves, oil reserves rank fourth in the world. For Jereh people, this is a market full of opportunities and challenges. In unimaginably high temperature, there is such a team, they 7*24 hours standby to respond to customer needs, the first time for customers to deal with urgent issues, and guarantee the equipment manufactured by Jereh running well in the challenging temperature and environment. Their excellent service creates performance and profitability for Jereh customers.

On August 2, 2016, the after sales service engineer Wang Xu rushed to Kuwait C client to check CTU (coiled tubing unit), liquid nitrogen unit and cementing trailer. Customer base has not been completed, the units temporarily parked in the KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) , without any shading at the base area, no basic facilities such as drinking water, rest can only be under the equipment to avoid hot sunlight, Our engineer Wang Xu in the more than 40 degrees high temperatures worked until evening. Back to the apartment, and suddenly we received G customer calls from electrical engineers, needed him rush to the northern part of the country well site to help them solve urgent problem, after a hard day’s work he wore back his work clothes again, went to the Northern oil fields along with the customer. When they reach the well site was 21:00, without a moment's hesitation, immediately he went to work, until 2:20 the problem was solved successfully. with efficient and professional skills they finally make satisfactory answers for clients. 7:30 in the morning only had 4 hours of rest he did not like ordinary young people give himself a reason to stay in bed because of tired but with a high degree of responsibility once again to C customer base continues to solve equipment problems. 13:00, another customer in need of emergency assistance, finally in his painstaking efforts, the customer's problem has been properly solved. So far, Wang Xu has continue worked for two consecutive days in high temperature solved more than three urgent problems, finally according to his efficient completion of the work achieved customer satisfaction.


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