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March on, in the name of the Orange team

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On May 13 2016, with excitement and disturbed feelings, our service engineers, Liang Hao, Lv Guangbo ,designer Wang Jianwei and translator, Li Yuanyuan went to Russia, began a two-month job ,assembly and delivery of equipment.

First arrival in Russia, they gradually conquered a lot of problems, such asgetting used to eating habits, environmental issues and cooperating with local assembly factory.

Among the hydraulic pipe installation process, in the face of more than 150 different models of pipeline, taking into account the accuracy of the job requirements, four colleagues personally, made the pipeline numbered, sorted, connected. In 3 days, they worked from 8 AM to 10 PM every day. In order to complete the task at hand, they are too busy to eat lunch. They complemented each other, cooperated fully and finally completed over more than 150 pipelines to connect, zero-error! During the month of the Assembly work , they only had a short rest for 2 days. They climbed up and down daily on the device with tools covered by oil. Due to their excellent skills and attitude, ultimately they were given a high appraisal by customers and leaders of the assembly plant.

Because of the remote customer base, our colleagues had to prepare instant noodles, every day at noon a few people squatted around the reel eating instant noodles, that employees of the customer base was very curious to ask why instant noodles every day ... ...

By repeated contact with the customer, through time and time again from the customer's point  to solve practical problems, we have a high degree of customer recognition, also contributed to deep collaboration between Jereh and customers in other ways.

Jereh's future aims at the whole world , and firmly taking the road of internationalization means that we will face a lot of "unknown", "first", but we have a strong team, so every time we march on the journey, with perseverance to conquer each "impossible" moments, from the customer's point to solve practical problems all the time.

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