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Regarding Fields as Home for Escorting Clients

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Our local customers will start the 60 Layers large shale gas fracturing operation in the Sichuan region with a total of 30 sets of equipment, and our 2500 fracturing units will be used as the main force. In order to ensure smooth operation of the platform, the Customers need us to provide technical support for the normal operation of equipment urgently.

When our after-sales service engineers, Zhu Hongfu, Liu Yujing receive the task, they rushed to the location in the first time, and kept on duty round-the-clock for maintaining the equipments timely. They went to the location with our clients at 5:30 AM every day, then they conducted a comprehensive inspection for all the equipments before operation so as to ensure them work well, and prompted attention and recorded the abnormal equipment during operation. At the same time they eliminated and resolved the problem for the abnormal equipments quickly and efficiently in the short break time of the operation. In addition , at about 11:00PM in the night, tireless service engineers would conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment again, focusing on exception of equipments to make sure that the device worked well again ,finally they went to have a rest. They just repeat the work like this every day.

The Mid-Autumn Day is for family reunion, but our engineers, Zhu Hongfu, and Liu Yujing had been adhering and participated in service in location without any complaint but full of enthusiasm, supplying the best service, regarding the work site as home. Lasted more than one month, they solved all the variable problems involving mechanics, hydraulic, electronics by their professional skills and efficient solution.  Their tireless figure with full struggle of passion is the best guarantee for customers. And they had won high recognition and praise from customers through their hard-work for escorting the field operation.

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