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Building Jereh Brand in Si Chuan , Showing Strength Through Service

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——Service in Si Chuan location

20 fracturing trucks of some domestic customer in a shale gas well field construction in Sichuan, because it is the first time for shale gas construction for our customers and the workload is very large, the customer request for technical support from our after-sale engineers.

Yu Lulin, joined Jereh in 2005 and is full of excellent professional skills. Mr. Yu received this tough mission to supply service to our clients after receiving customer’s needs. During the process of fracturing operation, he tracked on-site operation for the whole days, pointed out operator’s irregular equipment operation in a timely manner to reduce customer construction manpower, material resources, guided customers how to operate Jereh unit and troubleshoot equipment malfunction timely. The fracturing operation was started at 6:00 AM and stopped at 7:00PM and they just have one to deal with equipment problems during operation, so they have to do maintenance at night. For the normal operation in the second day, they worked to 2:00-3:00 AM to maintain equipment, and they continued to track operation in the next day.

While fracturing construction gap, Mr. Yu as Jereh technical expert to customers explain the fracturing unit working principle, maintenance procedures and considerations to operators. Through the training, capacity of operation and maintenance of customers is highly improved. Meanwhile, considering Sichuan shale gas operations, he gave a number of practical recommendations, and then introduced the knowledge of how to maintain the pump, particularly for some routine maintenance procedures, such as for injection of grease of simple vehicles.After training, Mr. Yu patiently answered the customer in the maintenance of pump problems encountered in the process and share past experiences with customer personnels, access to customers and trainees alike, customer personnel problem processing capacity in the field improved significantly.

Facing with the key moment of our customer’s first operation and building service brand, Jereh engineers must keep pace with customer requirement, escort for client devices and win the customers 100% trust.

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