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As one of JEREH’s 6-year-old employees from Maintenance and after-sales service department, Manager Cheng has a round head, black eyebrows, one pair of eyes reveal Perseverance and honesty, the sand blown face hung with lovely and vicissitudes; the body fat but not clumsy, vigorously shuttling among the devices, jumping up and down; always showing his kindly, optimistic smile to you no matter you are customers or colleagues.

In the earlier winter, Xinjiang is cold with the blowing wind outdoor, and the temperature is close to zero .To most people, the hands are reluctant to stretch out, but Manager Cheng could take off gloves decisively to fish something from a oil barrel, then wiped his hand to continue doing the other work. On the first day of November, the temperature began to decrese after the small snow in the Karamay, Manager Cheng was accepted an IV drip because of stomach, however he drove a long distances to the customer base immediately regardless of he is frail when he received an requirement from our customers that they need our help urgently .On the customer base, he climbed up and down, and dealt with the customer issues efficiently .He worked hard till the nightfall without eating anything. Over time, they are familiar with each other, and our clients like to call him "Lao Cheng"."Lao Cheng" was an honest and reliable person to our customers or colleagues. Once there was a young man with such thick accent asked us: "where is Lao Cheng? Ask him the equipment can be repaired or not? ".In addition, they would like to look for him to inspect and repair the equipments that including not only JEREH’s but also other company’s equipment. "Lao Cheng" has become a JEREH brand here, there is no problem that cannot be solved when Lao Cheng comes.

"Service engineers are 24 hours on call ,replying within 1 hour after receiving the customer needs, arriving at the location within 24 hours, and supplying one-stop solution to customer issues, to achieve customer satisfaction" is our service commitment and we've been practicing it. When there is some problem with the devices, our engineers will be able to achieve customer satisfaction when we get the feedback.

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