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Service Management

Jereh is dedicated to providing innovative products for customers; meanwhile we continue to build our brand by utilizing globally IT service, innovative and flexible service modes to exceed customer needs and continually create the maximum value for customers. We also keep improving skill levels of service engineers to ensure maximum prevention of failures.

One-Stop Service
We insist repairing the equipment first to ensure operation before identifying who shall pay for the failures. When our after-sale service engineers arrive at the site, we will do equipment maintenance first, to ensure normal operation of equipments. In addition, we will have all-round system detection and troubleshooting to get rid of potential problems at one time. We will also train customers on equipment operation, maintenance, and provide free technology upgrades according to the latest design of our equipment. We aim to realize real one-stop service. 

Housekeeper VIP service
Our after-sale service team can provide annual equipment maintenance services referred to as “package service”. 
● Provide annual service plan to customer by analyzing different situation of the equipment including the total quantity, location, service life, current condition and work frequency of the equipment. the  equipment status, staffing, operating frequency and other factors, reasonable fees for maintenance is charged under the annual total package, with the purpose of providing timely maintenance for customers with the least expenditure.
● Provide special service personnel to help customers to make the daily maintenance, regular maintenance, quarterly maintenance, troubleshooting, parts supply and technical training.
● Provide customized VIP service per customers’ requirements.

Collaborative Training Services
Jereh shares with customer years of experience in equipment maintenance. We help customer to establish the training system, to carry on the training course of operator and share with customer our technical information.
● Help customer to train qualified operator and service personnel by providing factory training, delivery training and on-site demonstrations training step by step.
● Assist customers to build a qualified team of operators and maintenance personnel.
● Assist customers to build their own service system that can fully guarantee a good working condition of equipment.

Remote Diagnostic Service
Jereh’s service engineers are on 24 hours stand by. By calling our 400 toll free number, global customer can connect to our after-sales center directly and our technical experts can quickly understand the working condition of equipment and make remote diagnostics for customers to solve problems in a quick manner. If our technical experts think on-site diagnosis is needed, our after-sales centers will send the nearest service engineer to the site and solve problems immediately. 

Lifecycle Management Service
For tracking of products information, Jereh has established an effective product life cycle management system to record and manage the design principle, repair and maintenance details of equipment, which can help our service center to manage the operation conditions, operating parameters and other information of customer’s equipment. We also established the tracing system for key components of our equipment to detect problems and provide remote service diagnostics to our customers quickly and efficiently.

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